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Anna's 22nd (again) Bday Shindig

So my wife's bday was on April 4th and a few of her close friends and some new ones showed up. It was great just to have one section of the restaurant reserved just for us. I can't get over that I've actually been with this woman for 5 years and I still am not certain what I've done to deserve this wonderful woman.... Mate of my soul.

Cheers to you my lovely wife and many more years to come.......

She's forever 22 (he he he he)... Liz knows it....

No... It's not the last supper....

I don't even know how to cap this... it's like a Benetton Ad.

Bottom's Up!!!

The 3 Amigas.....

H ah aha ha ha!!! Who's that girl on the right with the funny face???

The Bar Method Crew.

This would be the new throwback tv sitcom Three's Company....

Yasmine & her Hubby Julian

Hells Yah!!! PORTOS time!!!!

What???? It is fat free.... sugar free... (BS free.. he he he he) It's all natural and organic!!!

Hello Kitty!!! Seriously, there is a Hello Kitty candle!!!

Group shot!!! ..... Oh the 2 people standing all the way in the back is the actual owners of the joint. They're not part of the group.

Another group shot with funny faces... Babes, I thought I was going to pay to go through the Holland Tunnel!

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