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Photo courtesy of my lovely wife

The Photographer

Idiosyncratic.  Dreamy.  Angular.  DREW – photography aims to capture everyday objects and people in a striking fashion, drawing out detail and emotion lost in the passing of time.  Photographer Andrew Bowden describes his photos as “old-meets-new”, combining unconventionally angled-shots with a nod to classic romanticism.  In his world, beauty is always met with a dose of brawn.

Hailing from New York City, Andrew Bowden developed deep roots in urban art and culture from an early age that has shaped his attitude and edge he brings to his photography.  Known by many names, D-RoC, D-Boogie, or most common to his friends - Drew, has dabbled in musical theater, drawing, music composition/ production, as well as had professional careers in dance and as a DJ.  His participation in this spectrum of arts along with influences from Michael Jackson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Leonardo DaVinci, Depeche Mode, and Richard Avedon, have given Drew a balanced, experienced, and diversified eye for capturing the moment through the looking glass.

Drew currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Anna, their daughter DreAnna and their 2 dogs, Charly & Skyler.


Drew  - Anna - Charly

Photo by Anjuli Paschall